March 16th, 2006


Is there really?

You know how sometimes you have conversations in your head with people you'd really like to give a piece of your mind to, but don't have the opportunity (or maybe the balls)? At least, I hope other people do that. *grin* Well, last night I did that in my sleep. The dream included a build-up of all the things the person has done that make me feel that way (stylised, naturally, for fun/random/pretty dream imagery's sake), and eventually, I got my chance.

In my dream, the person was represented by Britney Spears, so there was much "Oops you did it again" and "Don't you know that you're toxic?" involved. But also, I managed to get my message across. Weirdly, although when I've had these imaginary conversations in the past, it's always been me straight-talking and them listening (ain't it always in your imagination?) - this time, it was a two-way conversation, with them saying their piece too. Apparently I have a beard. *smile* Anyway, I came across as being rational, reasonable and grown-up (which is unlikely considering how I'd react in real life), and they came across as being immature and selfish - this despite those things not being accusations I'd actually make of the person in question. Weird how dreams work out. It was strangely satisfying and cathartic.

And I woke up with Bowie's Life on Mars in my head.

In other news, in-your-face graffiti:

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Please note the beautiful autumn day, which promises to be absolutely stunning despite the 11 degree start. I love watching the sun creep across the west side of Mt Vic, illuminating the old houses one by one. I like to imagine the people sitting in the sun having their morning coffee. Yes, I know this is only a step or so short of taking photos in people's windows, but I'm not quite that dodgy.. yet.
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