March 15th, 2006


There are times when saying nothing is better. These may or may not have been those times.

Why is there no mad cow disease in the USA?. Apparently it's to do with their food safety policy (or it was in 2001, just before they discovered that they did have it).

But but but, here's a list of nations banning their beef just in case.

And rightly so. Yet another case popped up yesterday..

Oh look! Argentina has no BSE!. Nor does New Zealand. I wonder why that is? Hmm... *thinks* Maybe it's because in NZ and Argentina, cows eat grass, not other cows. And *gasp* we test for it! And that includes imported cattle and semen! C'mon, America, it's not rocket science.* COWS EAT GRASS. DON'T FEED MEAT TO COWS. Please, someone go tell the Cattlemen's Association. While you're at it, tell them that feedlot-fed beef tastes like cardboard anyway and there is a reason why Argentinian beef is considered by many to be the best in the world. It's because their COWS EAT GRASS. [/rant]

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So yeah. Bouldering is fun, and I have a nice pleasant feeling of 'done something' in my muscles (and on my palms, in my toes, my neck, my obliques, triceps, lats and upper left quad). It's again with the "OK I'm in pain but pain is good because it reminds you of what you did" feeling. It rocks. You should try it.

*These days, I am not sure anymore what actually constitutes rocket science. But I'm gonna keep using the saying anyway. Nyah!

Finally, I just listed to Bach's 'Air on the G-String'. *giggle* Despite my filthy mind, I was surprised to discover that it's a piece I'm quite familiar with. *snicker*
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