March 13th, 2006


Adventures in Wairaraparoth

Hi, intrepid traveller! You look fit, healthy and intelligent. I have a job for you, should you choose to accept it. Lately, Wairaraparoth has been inundated with Inane Warning Signs. Us of the Council of Free Thinkers feel that these signs are causing widespread and unnecessary stupidity due to lack of people thinking for themselves. These signs must be stopped before they take over the land!

Travel around Wairaraparoth and make fun of as many ridiculous warning signs as possible. Bring back photographic evidence of at least five signs made fun of. You may tackle any mobs you meet on the way..

[Plateful Of Venison Sausages] (+10 stamina)

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The sausages were delicious. So were the eggs and homemade bread toast. I thoroughly recommend The Corner Cafe in Greytown for all your vittle needs (shameless plug for folks I know). If you'd like to see images of Wairaraparoth after all the mobs had been removed, go here. (prettypretty)