March 11th, 2006


How to remove doubts about your own competence.

Go shear sheep for lifestylers in Woodburn Drive. This is the place where people tie their sheep to fences, where they have ones so fat they are going to have heart attacks, and where the yards are football field size and I practice running dive tackles for kicks.

But last night's lot take the cake. I arrived at quarter to five. Sheep still in paddock, not a yard in sight. She arrived at 5.30 (three chapters of my book later), followed by hubby at about quarter to six. So I'd been there an hour, set up my gear and had a coffee and a nice chat. Hubby went off up the hill to the neighbour to get a gate so we could pen the sheep. Fifteen minutes later we had a pen of sorts.

Then ensued a circus of people running about the paddock, waving arms, chased by the cow that was in there (I had words with the cow and she left me alone), and the neighbour trying to work everyone like dogs and failing. He said to me "Move up, whatsyername." I replied "My name's Wendy and I only work to whistles." Hehe. Anyway, eventually by sheer weight of numbers (five of us, three sheep) we got them in, and I started shearing.

First one out was a wether. Owner of sheep, looking at upside down sheep with HUGE pizzle stain in the middle of its belly, said "Gosh, she's a big one, isn't she?" *rolls eyes*

Anyway, all went well till I was about to finish the second one. Owner of sheep was watching me, not the one sheep that remained in the pen - naturally, the sheep in the pen was watching the hole in the gate and sneaked out, ran off down the paddock.

More hilarity ensued. Much running. By this time there were only me and the hubby and he was worse than useless, and the sheep knew it. Repeatedly I brought the sheep up the fenceline, all quiet like. Repeatedly she got to the point where pressure must come on, eyeballed him, ducked past and ran away. After ten attempts she was blatantly dodging him. "FFS," says me, "This is ridiculous." "OK," says he, "I give up."

Quarter to five till just after seven. I shore two sheep and ran about 2 miles. I'm knackered. ;-) But on the upside, I got paid $40 for those 2 sheep. I told him to call me when he has her restrained, tied to the fence so she can't escape.

Thus endeth the lesson in how to feel good about one's own capabilities by comparison with other people.


PS Yes, I forgot First. Next time they tell me they don't have a yard, she's the first thing (heh) that's going in the car.