March 10th, 2006


Movie marathon - or, what else would you be doing on a Thursday night?

*puts on brainy glasses*

Movie nights have never been so smart! Documentaries FTW! Etc!

In order to prepare oneself for such an onslaught of intelligentsia*, one must have the right kind of brain food. In this case, apricot and custard pie, and choc bombs purchased from the local movie theatre (if anyone knows where these can be found without the extortion that is movie theatre choc bomb prices, please let me know). Anyway, suitably fortified, let the education begin..

Collapse )

*removes brainy glasses*

And, I stayed awake throughout the entire performance. You never know, pretty soon I might even be able to drink beer and stay awake..

Also, I'm still working on my list of reckless things I've done in the last year that could get me killed. But I realised that (apart from my penchant for cross-country horse-hooning, doing handstands on the crater rim of live volcanoes and sliding down mountains at top speed on flat pieces of fibreglass) most of those activities aren't for public consumption for one reason or another. However, I'd be interested to hear about yours. Being highly suggestible, if you've done something I haven't, I'll probably go try it. Always up for something new and different. So, what have you done that's death-defying? Or at least a little bit risky..

* Yes, I know this is the wrong use of intelligentsia in context, but it's such a great word so I don't care. Nyah.
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