March 9th, 2006


Lack of content is more than skin deep so have a thing

Yay for sleeping through your alarm clock and waltzing in to work 2 1/2 hours late. Also yay for work not being concerned about this.

I'm supposed to be shearing sheep this afternoon. I'm feeling kind of thankful that it's raining because I really don't feel like it today. I feel more like lying on oversized beanbags in a warm room with minimum clothes on, reading a book. There may or may not be chocolate in this fantasy.

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Pat yourself on the back if you read all that. LJ has been a bit slow the last couple of days so if you want some reading material to tide you over, that speech is it. *smile*

There were 4 (maybe 5) n00bs at aikido last night, which made things very interesting. The mat was completely full and rolling became a matter of taking your life into your own hands (or uke's life). There was one teeny-tiny Chinese girl, who was about to collide with someone, and I actually picked her up by her arm with one hand! *flexes* All together now - "Oh Tats, you're tho thtwong!" Not. But she was so little...

Usually these people turn up two or three times then stop coming. I can understand this - aikido being one of the most confusing and difficult-to-make-progress-in things I've ever tried. But, the new people do bring home to me just how much I've learned - and just how hard it is to pass on this knowledge. Only black belts are supposed to teach, but when you're standing there with someone who has no idea what to do, giving clear instructions on at least the basics of a technique suddenly becomes important. I have varying degrees of success at this. "Come back in five or so years and ask me then" is what I'd like to say.

Butbutbut.. I can do the front fall where you go down like a caterpillar, front to back (you know, like breakdancing). So now, that's two things! Progress!

There may be movies tonight. This is karma making up for the lack of Brokeback Mountain on Tuesday. Dumb stupid sites not matching actual timetables! *mutter*

Anyway, I'd like to wish everyone a happy day today. Yep. Be happy, folks. *smiles at you*