March 7th, 2006


Hello, equinox! Goodbye, sanity!

Well, the actual equinox isn't for another 10 days but we have the wind (stealing things) and the tides (giving them back) and the highly changeable emotional states and crankiness of people. I'm feeling very mare-ish and finding it hard to resist the urge to maximise the use of sarcasm and irony in my work.

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My joy in aikido seems to be returning. Last night's class was small (5 of us) and with the exception of a guy who was there for the first time, everyone was much more advanced than me. We did lots of ukemi which is always fun, and there was opportunity to actually get into flow, which often doesn't happen with a larger group. I think, for me, flow is where the enjoyment comes from. Not so much with getting techniques perfectly right, but with feeling the flow, the unseen interaction and connection between people, and playing with that.

Also, our new sensei has pretty eyes. Maybe it's a prerequisite? Maybe being really good at aikido does that to you? Maybe it's pure blind luck. Whatever it is, I'm not complaining..

Have some strange poetry:

I open my eyes
Take the crusts out
Stretch myself and check (if I haven’t)
Returned again and everything is okay
Still there is something missing
Like all the walls

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