March 3rd, 2006


It's all pants. Pants, I tell you!

This morning I pulled my belt in to the last notch. This, combined with the destruction I wreaked on my cargoes while cavorting on the mountain, means only one thing - Pants Shopping! One can only tolerate Baggy Ass Syndrome for a short time before one must remedy the situation. So - I know Just Jeans does good cargoes, but where else in town does good pants in a general sense? Good pants for tiny people with long legs who actually have a butt?

OK, want list (not long, really):

A new camera that has manual override and no shutter lag
A portable storage device
About 40 feet of EL wire in varying colours
Good pants, damnit!
Sigur Ros to come to Wellington so I don't have to go to stinky Auckland to see them

See? Really I'm easy to please..

Somebody asked me to define kiwi culture - his opinion was that New Zealand is devoid of culture and mine was that he just wasn't looking properly. This subject's come up once or twice recently (KGT anyone?), and it's never easy. I got this list after putting in a bit of thought:

Collapse )

So anyway, that's what I came up with over one coffee first thing in the morning. Did I miss anything? It's very hard to define a culture from inside it.

And I'm slightly annoyed with the weather for raining on my lunch parade. So, pants! (literally)
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