March 2nd, 2006


Usual disclaimer, no offence meant, etc

You know all that stuff that's been going around about Chuck Norris? How he's so tough etc etc? Well, I have my own to add. I think Chuck Norris is gay. Or maybe it's just Walker Texas Ranger who is. Anyway, check these out:

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The first one needs no comment. I mean really. But, in the second one, we have
    Cowboy outfit
    Carefully cultivated several days' stubble ala George Michael
    Tight jeans that will accentuate mincing walk
    Boots with heels! Grargh! Also, he would probably also be wearing jingly spurs if he could - but no horse!

I rest my case.

Today, I am once again thanking Brooke. 8 weeks out from last haircut, and after an adventurous evening that involved crashing at 2.30am, therefore not much prep for work this morning, I am still getting a new style daily. I kind of like the sticky-outiness. Also, I took Spike this morning to stay awake at work, and against the advice of experts am now on my second coffee. Will be interesting to see if I'm dancing uncontrollably by lunchtime..

Finally, a challenge. Chocolate fish to anyone who can define, exactly, what makes a person charismatic. Please, nobody say "Being like Chuck Norris", mmmk?
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    Chicken With Its Head Cut Off (in keeping with the theme)

Spike Update - or, Tra lala, DEVO OMG!! Why am I not listening to DEVO???

So I just sat through a meeting of which I can remember nothing except the stuff I wrote down, because I was thinking about a) DEVO, b) what I'm doing on the weekend c) how my manager is dressed all in brown today and has both horizontal and vertical stripes, d) the texture of the curtains and how I'd like to touch them and e) how someone in the room was wearing the same cologne as my ex.

And I'm inordinately pleased by the fact that under my generic corporate outfit (with cool stripes) I am wearing bright pink socks.

Also, I can type really fast but doing 'of' six times in a row as 'fo' means my average speed hasn't really changed. However, I'm here and awake.

So, in conclusion, Spike + caffiene in large doses = probably not a good idea if you actually want to be more than just functional. I may attempt it again without the coffee should the need arise.