March 1st, 2006


Confidence boosting day

I would like to be able to do some of this (short Google video). I mean, I understand that I'll probably never be able to do a one-handed bouncing handstand, but walkovers and such? I don't see why not. Just need to work on flexibility really. *nods* Probably quite a lot..

This morning on the way to work I saw someone that I sort of know but not really. It was funny, I was crossing at the traffic lights and jaywalking as usual, and looking up to avoid running into lurking pedestrians, as you do, and bang! Eye contact. The funny thing about it was that I caught him in the middle of an appreciative perv. *giggle* He immediately looked away and so did I, stifling a grin. I mean, I have no intentions at all towards the guy, but he's quite good looking and, well, it made my day. So much better than being yelled at by morons on construction sites.

So, in my confidence-bubble from that and from some reassurance from an unexpected quarter that management is just the same as any other job and that I'd be super at it, I sent for a job description for the manager job. Here's hoping it's not all 'think outside the square' and 'vision for the company moving forward' which would put me off somewhat. *crosses fingers*

What's with that saying anyway? It bugs me that people say 'think outside the square' and then you get plonked in a square office with a square desk, staring at a square screen all day. I should tell them I do my best outside-square thinking while sliding down mountains or clinging to rockfaces 20cm off the ground as if my life depended on it. Nothing square about snowboarding. Nope. Another thing that concerns me is the possibility of being expected to work more conventional hours. I like my running away from work at 4 every day. Hmm.. I suppose the jd will reveal all..

[EDIT] OK so no business-speak bollocks, just a list of 'key accountabilities' and 'personal specifications' and 'key competencies'.. the personal specs and competencies are no problem. And I'm pretty sure the accountabilities, once I apply them to actual situations I've been in, will not seem so scary. *gulp* Just apply it all to sheep, Tats. You'll be fine..

And, for some added colour: