February 23rd, 2006


Star-crossed? Yeah, that'd be me...

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Highly suggestible? Me? Nah. Just don't mention pies or ice cream.

In other news, yesterday's TMI post actually turned into quite an interesting discussion on 'women's stuff.' There were even 4 boys who commented (kudos to them), although they did seem to be having a contest to see who could be the grossest. Who actually was? Well, you decide. Was it beagl with clot-talk, keptinacan with black pudding mentions, notabouthim with hamsters or wafwot with Cherokee hair?

Speaking of which, I watched the Controversial South Park episode and, well.. storm in a teacup. Religious outrage at cartoons is trendy at the moment and the makers of SP would like to thank the catholic church for the publicity.

Last night I discovered that, mage-wise, I'm actually pretty damn good. Yay me! Combusted Fire Blast ftw!

Finally, last listen to Staralfur this morning. It never fails to make me cry, because it's so beautiful. Yep, I'm a sop. And sometimes indulging in blubbing over beautiful music is good for you.

[EDIT] More pats on the back at work. That must be the other end of the seesaw. I don't want to think about tonight.
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