February 22nd, 2006


Serendipity is a great word and a crap movie, so I hear

Last night I got a phone call from our friendly neighbourhood SPCA person, saying "Help! We have a sheep!" Apparently this sheep had escaped from the freezing works and had been rescued by animal control and taken in. Now the city SPCA is a little short of grass, being a mainly pet facility, so they were looking for someone to give it a home. Oddly, just that morning I'd had a call from a woman who has two other 'rescue sheep' that need shearing, so today I called her and whaddaya know? A perfect match!

Being able to help with things like this makes me feel good.

I hear the guy who was shot by Dick Cheney has apologised for all the trouble he caused. My immediate thought was "Gosh! Is this guy a kiwi?"

Thought for the day from an unusual source
"Ok it is, living through your heart. These things of pain swiftly flow through a clear heart."

There was more, but I'll pass that on privately when the time's right. *smile*

Lactic acid rules me today. yep, still with the crippledom from Saturday. The bits I use (the walking muscles) are fine - they have worked themselves out. The rest? Well gosh. Please don't laugh at me if I visit you and get stuck in your bathroom because my legs won't lift me off the seat.

What? "Hair of the dog!" I hear you say. Not on your life. More running appeals not at all not nohow. Now, massage - that appeals. But, failing that, a walk (gently) up a mountain will at least give me new excuses for being crippled. ;-) What more could a girl ask for?

[EDIT] What more could a girl ask for? well, I just got called into the Manager's office. Last year in November, the person who was directly managing my job left, and hasn't been replaced. Apparently the new CEO is now wanting to fill the position, and my acting manager is 'encouraging me very strongly to apply for the job.'

Me? A manager? Hmm.. I guess getting a job description might be a good idea, eh?
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I win at TMI!!

This may be no news to plenty of people, but it was to me and I have to admit I'm curious, mainly because of the environmental aspect. I've never heard of these before. Warning: Some people may find the subject icky. Those people may have Y chromosomes. Er, anyway..

One of the survey questions was also news to me:

Survey:(Questions may repeat themselves. Please respond only once to each question.)
Select which methods you currently use for feminine protection:
Menstrual Cups
Sea Sponges

Sea sponges? Spongebob? Noooooo!!!! But seriously, sea sponges??? The mind boggles. Or am I again uneducated? And why am I picturing a loofah?

*runs away*