February 13th, 2006


Gymnastic dogs and fried tonsils - what more could a girl ask for?

First did a handstand yesterday. Yup, a freaking handstand. She's an entire bitch and will cock her leg (forwards not backwards) when she pees. Doing this she can pee higher than a lot of male dogs. Anyway. she goes up to a thistle, backs up and cocks her leg. The thistle must have got her because next thing she's lifted her other leg off the ground and she's balanced there on just her two front legs till she's finished peeing. My dog is a freak.

I had to link to this craziness because I know heaps of people who will get amusement out of it. Hands up anyone who's that well-trained, I want to get the phone number of your trainer, k? And, thanks thirstygirl for that link.

Mt Kaukau is a nice walk, and when it's windy like it was yesterday, remember to take a big jacket so you can stand up by the trig, just where the updraft comes over the edge, and play at flying. Also, when it's really windy hardly anyone goes there. That's the best time.

Speaking of hills, the Tongariro Crossing walk Mark 2 will be the weekend of the 25th and 26th, for those who need to organise themselves. I'm going to attempt to get a shuttle from National Park, since they at least have reliably good accommodation. And a spa pool and showers that you can stand in for four hours and they stay hot.

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Also, you can get a similar effect with unsweetened pineapple juice and a burnt stick to chew on.

*Apparently I was wrong about the Scotland thing.


Girl A: WTF are you looking at?
Girl B: I was just thinking how pretty you are.
Girl A: WTF? You a lesbian or something?
Girl B: Nah, I'm into guys. I just think you're pretty.
Girl A: ...

Why do kiwis find it so hard to accept compliments?