February 10th, 2006


Never mind the million dollars

Somebody else gets it. How I can be moved to tears by the sight of horses. It's a very difficult if not impossible thing to explain to someone who doesn't get it - it's the movement, the grace, the communication between the horse and the person, the power.. none of these words are right. So, usually, I don't bother. But there are other people who get it. It's nice to know that. *hugs Polly* I had almost delegated it to the Things That Make Tats A Freak basket. Also, as an extra added bonus, I have 900 photos to go through. I'm expecting there will be several publishable ones in that lot. So, big ups to notabouthim and his obsesso-camera-clicking. Photos of horses are up there with mix tapes as far as I'm concerned in the list of Cool Things You Can Do For People.

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The Giving Tree is progressing. Sadly, last night my head was full of horses so my contributions were distracted at best. Luckily there is a core group of people-who-aren't-distracted-by-ungulates, who managed to Organise Stuff without me while I indulged in horse talk with pombagira and tieke. My view is, just give me a job to do once it's all decided.

This weekend I should pin up flyers for sheep shearing. And there will be dancing. I'm trying to decide if I should wear the Funky Pants of Textural Variety. That may be a bit weird.

Hang on. Weird. I like weird. 'Sides, if any pants can make you want to dance, it's these ones. Hmm....

Having a head full of horses is quite nice. The one pictured is a Friesian. They are much sexier than friesian cows, oh yes.
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Can we say purple prose?

"Rather, he lingers lovingly over it, back-spinning with such minute precision that he isolates and reorders every phoneme in a technical tour de force that transcends its own virtuosity when it transmutes seamlessly into an equally chopped-up bebop drum solo."


Also, seen on some random list: "You have to nip your puppies' problems in the butt before they get any bigger."

We love them mixed metaphors. We don't love our own brain's visual imagery quite so much.

I also like other figures of speech where both words start with the same letter, but can't think of any right now.