February 7th, 2006


Life in Bakedbeansville - I hear Noodlesville is nice this time of year

Anyone ever heard of a track called Shanky Panky (or something like)? It's driving me nuts - heard it once, really liked it, can't find it because I can't remember the full title or the artist. *ghlargle*

[ANOTHER EDIT] OK found it. It's by Kid Koala and is my new favourite track. No I will not be genre-ising it. If you're interested - You can listen here.

My car is in at Tony's Tyres today. It's even getting a wheel alignment with its new tyre. As usual I specifically asked them not to sticker my car. Taking bets on whether or not I'll have to ask them to peel it off when I get back. And for those who concern themselves with such things, I'll be buying a bulb for my light today and it's in for a warrant on Friday. *smile*

[EDIT] Just had a call from them - apparently I need another new tyre because one of the back ones is bulging. *sigh* Right then, back to Bakedbeansville for me! On the upside, I'm only in Bakedbeansville because I'm saving extra for my BM trip - quite a lot extra. But yeah, cars are just money pits. Not that that will ever stop me owning one. Wheels = independence. End of story.

OK. Thursday. The horses start 8pm at the Events Centre. I suggest we all meet up at Katipo around 7-ish and make our way over there a bit early because I'll have to queue up to pick up my (Morons) Lost My Ticket Pass. And you all have to pretend to be my friends, at least until we get in.

Yes, I thought it was Monday this morning. I know academically that I had a three day weekend, but I still packed my aikido gear this morning and forgot to put the recycling out. Weirdly, I remembered my hoop for poi, although I'm still not sure if I'll make it. Had a text from an old friend in Masterton who'll be in town tonight and I might have to juggle everything around. Poi 5-7, BM meeting 6.30-7.30, Gav (?). Can she do it?

What's with all the old friends springing out of the woodwork?

Finally, for those who were wanting rain, I think Friday's did the trick. This morning (and the last couple of mornings) the oppressive heat is gone. I'm still in summer clothes, but for the first time in weeks it was chilly at 6.30am. Yay!