February 6th, 2006


Why dogs are easy

There were kite surfers at the beach! They were doing jumps off the waves and just like always, my first thought was "I want a go at that!" And of course my second thought was "Why didn't I bring my camera?"

Also, there was another purebred heading dog. It was interesting to watch this dog do all the same things First does - clapping, running with head completely still and not necessarily looking where it's going, sudden stop/start/turn movements, being the fastest dog on the beach. And yes, when they met it was all *eye* ... *eye back* ... *small tail wag* ... *one step forward* .. *eye some more*. Funny. They were definitely on the same wavelength. Like, First doesn't really get doggie communication in a lot of ways. It's like being bred to be so good with sheep has made her obsessive/compulsive to the point where interaction with other dogs is never going to be natural. It was kind of reassuring to see that she's not a Freak of Nature, that other strong-eyed dogs are just the same. I guess that's why not a lot of heading dogs get to be pets. They just aren't pet-natured.

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Fuck rocket science. Human interaction is way more complicated. It takes a lifetime to master, and some people never really do. I'd like to. I really would. Even if all it means is I can ring Ralph up and go "Hah! More big stuff! Nyah!"

One Love today. I was considering going but I think the beach is calling more loudly. Did I mention how much I enjoy watching First hooning?