February 3rd, 2006


Learning how to dress myself - or, propriety sucks the big one.

Underwires. I hate them with a vengeance. "Why?" I hear you gasp, breath bated with anticipation. Well. It's this simple. They seem to be made in one size fits all. I am not 'all'. Apparently I'm not even close to that mysterious washing-machine cycle known as 'normal.' I am, as they say, leading the struggle against normality.

I have a size 16 chest with size 10 boobs. My nipples are high and pointy. One boob is bigger than the other. The only reason I wear a bra at all is because I don't want to be seen poking gentlemen in the eye with my nipples on a cold day and thus people making the frowny-face at me. Mainly, I get around this by wearing sports-type bra tops, that round everything off and cover it up nicely, while still being relatively comfortable. It's not like they need support. My manly pecs hold them up.

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I'm wondering if I have the balls to start a no-bra movement - one that thumbs its nose at convention and proudly waves its nipples in people's faces in thin T-shirts. If I can't have modesty and comfort, maybe I should vote for comfort. However, I'm sensitive about this issue. I used to go around with no bra and at one point (aged about 21) I was accused of trying to steal people's husbands because of "blatantly displaying my body." That was around the point I started dressing asexually.

So. People, what do you think? Is a woman wearing no bra (who doesn't need one - yes I understand about the support needs of the more well-endowed girls out there) blatantly displaying her body? Do you notice? If you do, is it a good or a bad thing? Male and female opinions would be most welcomed. I want to know if I'm being silly, sacrificing comfort for some fallacious idea that people might think less of me because of how I'm not-dressed?

And before you go saying "It doesn't matter what other people think" - in this case, it does. My life experience has showed me how what other people think about these things can affect your life.

So, no-bra and T-shirt - OK or not?

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