January 31st, 2006


I love my camera.

Further to the theory of Choosing The Bottle With The Silliest Name, I bring you:

I think I'll make a habit of taking my camera to the supermarket. Comic gold on the wine shelf..

And speaking of camera fun, I've noticed a trend on the net lately for posting pictures of yourself and your friends. "What?" I hear you say, "But that's been happening since the Internets were invented!" And you'd be right. But lately I've seen a thing where you post a photograph, but the subject MUST be looking out of the frame, not at the camera. Some of these photos are quite cool. So I tried it. Because, you know, I'm a sheep and want to follew Teh Trendeez..

Collapse )

Whaddaya reckon? Maybe a little too much disengagement? Perhaps more eyeliner? Something..

In other news, today is a day of meetings with people whose names start with S. I am much looking forward to all of them. And I remembered my brolly. Naturally, it isn't raining. But there was jaunty swinging and surreptitious prodding. It's a good start.

Also, I stumbled across this. In fact it was recommended. I'm going to read more before deciding but WTF is with that 'womyn' thing? As if women need to remove men (and man too if you're a grammar whore) from their label in order to feel free and whole? Get a grip, ladies, if you have to do that to feel like a real woman then maybe you have some issues you need to sort out before standing for anything. I won't even start on the 'womyn don't need men anymore' thing. FFS, we're all in this world. Men are nice. Assuming that the world would be better without them is disempowering, can you not see that?

*disgruntled mutter*
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