January 30th, 2006


Local definitions

When someone tells you the weather is 'stunning' you expect certain things, right? Things like sunshine and clear air. But no. Stunning can also mean 'it's raining so hard that if you go out in it you will get concussion.' Or, at least it does in Taupo. It can also mean 'giant bugs are invading' as it does in Tokaanu.

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In other lessons learned, don't walk backwards down the beach, no matter how much you enjoy watching your dog hooning. There are concrete sticky-outy things that leap out and grab your ankle. Aikido saved my tailbone again, but I will be sitting crooked for a few days I think. How is one supposed to elevate one butt-cheek for the RICE thing anyway?

To the person who was 'helping' me last night, thank you. I would love to know who you are.
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