January 28th, 2006


Reminder to self

Always.eat.before.shearing.sheep. You can not expend that much energy without fuelling your body first. If you try, you will be wimpy and floppy and possibly collapse alarmingly in front of people. *slap*

In other news, sheep owners who provide shade for you with their body while shearing, and plums in between sheep, are the best kind. Gotland/Lincoln crosses have skinny chicken legs and are hairy like dogs. It is possible to drink your own bodyweight in water.

Also, Charlotte told me last night that I look really tiny while I'm shearing, and that's probably why people want to jump in and help by grabbing their legs (NO! BAD IDEA!). I will attempt to get a photograph so I can see what I look like. It may or may not get to the internet - usual 'only if it's flattering, my style is good and I look cool' rules apply.