January 26th, 2006


On shaky ground

Lately the earth has been moving a lot.* Not in the earthquake kind of way, as such. But if you sit still for a while you can definitely feel it.. well, jiggling. Like it's restless. This would be fitting somehow, and doesn't surprise me in the slightest.

I'm off this weekend to see if it's moving in Tongariro National Park too.

Sensei came back from Japan with new and exciting confusing stuff to teach us about. Actually it's less confusing that the stuff he was teaching before he went. 8th dan is very advanced in aikido. Takeda, apparently, stands there and waves at people and they fall over. I can relate to this. I'm quite good at falling over. However, I don't want to fall over from being waved at by Takeda just yet. Also, throat-stabby lady has learned nothing and is still trying to grab my arms and explain the physics of aikido to me in minute detail instead of just letting me do it. Have I mentioned how much I hate it when people grab me?

I guess that's my thing to get over. Amongst other things. Aikido is supposed to teach humility, right?

Anyway, today I'm learning humility at home in my purple sheep pjs. PMT sucks. Right now, so does the rest of the world. I know this is circular logic.

*This is about as far from a euphemism as you can get so shut the fuck up.