January 21st, 2006


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Last night I watched an episode of Top Gear, where Jeremy Clarkson practices the Laguna circuit on Playstation in a Honda NSX, then tries it for real in the same car, to see if playing Playstation can teach you how to drive for real.

The short answer is no, it can't. His Playstation lap was 1.41. His first lap for real was over 2 minutes. The second, after help from the track instructor, was 1.59. The third, in which he thought he was doing well, stops half way through. From observation of the shorts, I think he actually crashed the car third time round.

The big difference, he said, is that Playstation is much more forgiving, that you can't feel the G forces when sitting on your sofa, and that a lot of good fast driving is in your head. Similarly to how playing Tony Hawk's skater game won't make you good on a skateboard because most people don't have the a) skills and b) balls to pull those stunts for real.

So there you have it, boyracer types. Playing Playstation does not entitle you to tell me my 20 years of driving experience sans crashes is worthless compared to your 1.40 Laguna circuit in a virtual car. So shut the fuck up already.*

Also, how cars are becoming tools for social change. The kind of social change where other drivers and pedestrians stop being people and start being obstacles, and how Jeremy Clarkson is encouraging this mentality. I tend to agree. I'll keep watching Top Gear though, because I think it's funny and I like the cinematography (and Richard Hammond).

Finally: and

*This is a reference to the time when I was a youth tutor and the 15-year-old boys with no license used to try and tell me how to drive the van - even after I kicked their noob asses at go-karting. Speaking of which, go-karting is fun. We should do it.