January 16th, 2006


Excuse me sir, I think your elephant has had too much to drink.

I'm just waiting for the headline that reads "Drunken elephants stampede through Mongolian city, hilarity ensues."

I finally got to see Eddie Izzard. As long as I only listen and don't look, he's great. As soon as I look I get distracted by the size of his chin, and musings on how anyone could have such a big head and not fall over when wearing heels. What, me, ADD? Nah. It also made me aware of his influence on the mannerisms (both verbal and physical) of many of the people I know. Eddie Izzard as a cultural icon? I wonder if he'd be flattered or horrified.

Plus, I got to squeeze onto a couch with many happy people, which always adds to the fun.

My feet hurt. I think it's due to time spent sitting at a computer desk with my toes curled under. I know you are supposed to have them flat on the floor, but from my observations, hardly anybody actually does this. Some form of toe-curl is the norm. And after a year of being a desk jockey, mine seem to be complaining. Note to self: be aware of what your toes are doing when your head is somewhere else.

Yup, my head is somewhere else a lot - isn't yours? Somewhere else is good. The art of distancing oneself from chaos is a valuable one to learn. When you learn how to do it effectively, please come give me tips?

And apparently the Norwegians are learning Maori. Gosh. I'm not sure what to say to that.

Also, more job validation. It's weird. I've worked less hard here than in any other job, yet my input is more vocally appreciated. There's a lesson there somewhere, most likely.