January 14th, 2006


Paranoia is the suckiest suckfest

Today, in America, is Friday the 13th. It's also a full moon. Lucky buggers, they get all the good stuff. Except George Bush. Maybe this is karma's way of making up for him.

The theme for this week is Get Over Yourself *insert insult here if you feel it's necessary* .. I have a plan for this, such as my plans are.

    Eat more healthy food. No, ice cream is not a real diet. Low blood sugar leads to internal messups and clumsiness.*
    Take vitamin supplement. See above.
    Get more sleep. 4 hours a night is not enough.
    Read a book. Reading = escapism.
    Avoid people who make you feel inferior. It's self-destructive.
    Trust those who are trustworthy. They deserve it.
    Count your goddamn blessings instead of running the same track of well-worn self-berating.

Right then, did I miss anything? Please feel free to add stuff. This stops. Right now.

*Maybe it was the hit on the head at aikido that did it.
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