January 13th, 2006


But I might break a nail!

Met an interesting guy this week. Someone I would describe as 'limpid'. (Any guys who think that's an insult should probably consult Freud) Anyway, how could you not love a guy whose reaction to telling them you're 35 is "Shit! I thought you were about 29!" And it be genuine.. *grin*

Anyway, conversation turned to women welding (as it does). Said guy thinks women doing this kind of work is hot (remember Flashdance?). He said shiny skin from sweating is hot and well developed bodies from working is hot. And something about softness next to hardness. Hmm.

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All that having been said, today I'm wearing makeup (Tats version which means a bit of eyeliner) because I want to feel pretty.

So anyway - women working hard - hot or not?

And, I played DDR with above-mentioned guy. It was fun if somewhat, er, interesting (the interesting was provided by the small crowd of teens who gathered to make fun of the 'oldies' on their machine). I wouldn't mind having one in my house. We cracked the beginner level. The next level was all about the arrows and requiring an extra leg. Reminder to self: Have a go at Dance Dance Immolation at Burning Man this year. Mmm.. immolation.

It's a shame he lives in another country really.