January 12th, 2006


And how does that feel, then?

Damn you southerly for wrecking my chance to perv at hot guys climbing! *shakes fist at weather*

Last night my sleep was filled with dreams of an erotic nature. Today there is need of internet entertainment. My mind is a cesspit of filth and debauchery, s'true. I suppose I should be ashamed. I'm not.


Aikido stays in one's head remarkably well when one skives off for weeks on end. There was grading. People did better than they thought they did, so there. I don't care if my opinion ain't worth shit, I'll still give it because after a few weeks I'll be right and you know it.

Performance anxiety is crippling. Witness my attempts at poi. Oh, that's right, you haven't. Because of performance anxiety. Hmm.. *stares innocently out window*

It would appear that this year's Burning Man is going to be filled with people I know. Part of me likes this idea (friends are always good, right?), but part of me is thinking this will change my experience and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Is going to some outpost in the desert halfway round the world going to be quite such an extreme if half Wellington goes with me? I don't know.

Going with the flow sounds like a good option. I can lose myself amongst that many people. But you will not find me in the coffee enema tent. You may be surprised where you -would- find me. But anyway...

Yay for free will!


I feel like getting drunk. Those who know me will appreciate how strange this is.
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