January 11th, 2006


My one's bigger than yours!

Even you, Jez. Yes it is. See? Everybody should have one with wall-mounted clamps.

Now I just have to figure out where and how to mount it (oh, and pick it up from Taupo). And get hold of the guy with the portable plants in his shed, who is Never Home.

In other news, Nigeria decided to halve its prison population by freeing prisoners with terminal illnesses. I'm not sure how I feel about this.

And this (ganked from nicolachampagne):

You are here.

Also, just out of curiosity, what's your most unusual hobby? You know, that you don't know anyone else that does it?

Finally, last night I listened to some Edit. I found it kind of depressing, because it sounds like cubicle farm noises with this 'everyone's gone home or died or something' style of melody over the top. Like an empty office building. Yet I still liked it. I'm weird like that. Also - Drum n Glitch? WTF? Guys, it's glorified drum n bass, and giving it a different name because there is the occasional off-beat just makes you sound wanky and pretentious. DnB. Simple. Yes, I make up names for genres of music, when I'm sorting my files. But these are for my personal use and I don't go round telling everybody there's a new kind of music because of it. Nyah.

*mutters like grandpa*

Oh yeah, I have new hair, a la Brooke. It sticks out lopsidedly and hangs in my eyes but is not emo so there.

I have consulted the oracle

And Ishkur, God of Wanky Pretentious Musical Genre Naming, informs me that Glitch is indeed a recognised sub-sub-genre of electronic music.

He says this:

"If the naysayers have been complaining a lot that electronic music just sounds like a cd skipping over and over again, you can now show them this genre as verifiable proof that YES - indeed, that is what the music is doing. Clicks, cuts, scratchy, sped-up samples, and everything but the kitchen sink. This is sound collage music, put together with all the skill and ingenuity of a 5 year old finger painting. And Glitch rules for that stupid fact alone."

It comes as a subgenre of a weird genre called 'Braindance' which also contains such gems as 'Industrial', 'Experimental' and 'IDM' - that is, 'intelligent dance music' - which it isn't. Lets face it, guys, even discussing the intelligence of music is silly.

The only thing that drum n bass and glitch have in common is that they can both be loosely grouped under 'Jungle'.

So there we have it folks, until it's listed on Ishkur, it's not a real genre. Even when it is, it'll still be wanky and pretentious. And he's the first to admit it. Go on, read what he has to say about IDM..

Yes, I know, I know, I now have the Pretento-wank title for Wednesday. But please, no more mixing one thing with another and assuming you've made something new. Please.