January 10th, 2006


Apparently I should have sex outdoors.

Clearly the people who recommend this have never actually had sex outdoors, because they think it's romantic. Hmm...

Romantic? Not really. Spontaneous, enjoyable, natural, magnificent, grand, novelty and invigorating are words I might use to describe outdoor sex. But there's not much romantic about picking gorse prickles out of your butt, skin peeling off bits that have not seen the sun for years or nursing mosquito bites to the nethers.

Oh, you mean during? Well, yeah. I admit I have been known to be overcome by nature's grandeur on occasion. *cough* But the thing about outdoor people is they usually choose the places where being overcome won't lead to discomfort or death. *grin* Which is a little antipathic to romance. Remember Romeo? Zorro? Hawkeye in Last of the Mohicans? Romance equals danger and death. At least when it comes to outdoor sex.

But yeah, I'd give it a go.. *smirk*

In other news, thanks for your advice yesterday. Plans are afoot and last night I returned the old machine, so no more dealing with skin-crawly guy and now I'm forced to stop prevaricating and get off my ass and buy one. I wonder if I'll come out in a rash from spending all that money?

From le_cloitre

"We are force fed the idea that women love jewellery above all else."

Exactly. I want to know who's holding the spoon, and why people keep chewing and swallowing this shite.

EDIT: From the responses here and in other blogs that have touched on this subject today, it seems that this idea of women being brainwashed into wanting diamonds is bullshit (as I suspected). Yet, the fallacy persists. Who are the people who are perpetuating the stereotype, if nobody is actually like that? Is it the TV people? You know, the ones who go to bed with makeup on, think skeletal=beautiful and don't even notice when their husband is suddenly replaced with someone taller and with a different hair colour, voice and cleft chin?

Yes folks, the women who value jewellery above all else are the fake ones in TV land. And that, if nothing else, should be enough to make you stop buying that stereotype, and hopefully diamonds as well.

Never mind the exploitation of workers in Africa, or the evil De Beers empire, or that magpies like shiny things too and they are stupid.

*gets off soapbox*