January 7th, 2006


Ups and downs

Tommy getting on a plane. Relief from 24/7 parent duty coupled with sadness that time with him was short and concern for him.

Buying clothes, getting home and discovering that a $75 skirt is missing from my booty. Finding it 8 hours later behind the counter of a shop where someone had found it and handed it in.

Shearing 9 1/2 sheep and having the plant break down. Taking it to mate's place, and him magically making it go again for the price of a few beers. Getting home to a message from the guy who owns it saying he doesn't want to sell it and can I give it back please? Knowing I have people booked in and need to get a reliable shearing plant from somewhere really fast.

Gettting stuck in the middle of an argument between two nice people by one of them going "Tell this person I know what I'm talking about" followed by them storming out. Being able to defuse the situation so they apologise to each other.

By the way, Broken Flowers is a really cool movie. You should go see it. Bill Murray sits and does nothing in a very eloquent way. Jim Jarmusch makes ugly things beautiful and vice versa. The kind of movie that you talk about afterwards.

*sigh* My brain is tired. Gonna go play Wow and eat junk food.