December 31st, 2005


Whingy typical lj gripe

I love my family. They are the coolest. They really are. Only..

I'm a selfish bitch. Because last night, after 3 days, I'd had enough and needed some me time so I buggered off to see Charlotte who plied me with coffee and dogs and I felt relaxed and better. Yes I feel guilty for running away. But I was going to SNARL. And me snarling isn't pretty or conducive to Happy Families.

Today I am once again balanced and softly spoken and cheerful and positive. Tonight I shall, perhaps, drink alcohol. Or not. Either way I'm not gonna hang round home. See? Selfish bitch.

There are some things I wish would just Go Away. Luckily in a day or two they will. There are other things I want more of. That may be arrangeable too. Yay! Is all I can say to that. Selfish bitch again.

Mum wants to go see Concretehenge. Apparently you have to book and they do a show and talk. I wonder how long it'll be before you can just go sit there and contemplate your navel? Astronomy is cool, hanging out in stone* circles is cooler.

*Even if they are made of wood framing with spray-on concrete.

Gah. Save me from my evil thoughts..