December 30th, 2005


Perks O The Job

Gosh. The wool cheque was just under $400. *gobsmacked* I was expecting around $200. Basically, if the owners give me the wool, I'm getting my charge for shearing and about the same again in wool. Not bad, not bad at all. Especially not considering that I am gaining fitness and can now do around 16 an hour including mucking about with drench and what have you. Bring 'em on, I say. also, the guy at the wool store gave me a bale hook. This is like a pirate hook with a handle. Arrr!

Kong made me cry. There were rapid blinks from the men. Mm hmm. The funny thing is that although this version is orders of magnitude better rendered than the original 1933 version (yes I've seen it) - I mean, the CGI is fantastic and I have no problem suspending disbelief for this - but, it's the story that gets me emotional. I cried as much in the original as I did last night. It's the betrayal. Here is this creature that can kill without effort, choosing not to because someone is kind to him and he's lonely. Enter assholes who treat him badly. It sucks and I hate that he dies because of what the people do. He's completely innocent and they just do one horrible thing after another, then they kill him. So I cry, and plasticene vs CGI doesn't come into it.

And big ups to Andy Serkis. I'm glad they credited him, it means the Academy shouldn't be able to turn down a nomination for him this time like they did with Gollum. Personally, I think they should create a new category for 'Best Actor as a base for a CGI character' if they have a problem with putting him in with the others. CGI is common enough now that there's a place for it.

And, the Green Parrot still reigns supreme as the best steakhouse in Wellington. Yup.
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