December 27th, 2005


Gulp o gulp gulpiness

Dear sense of taste,

It wasn't really abuse. Please come back.

Family arrives on the plane today. As usual I am filled with happiness and trepidation. And a sudden desire to clean the house.

I am also being Mature.* See me. I wonder if the strain of maintaining it for the whole visit will do any permanent damage?

* I'm not really. I'm just a big kid. But I try, ok? And that's more than most people get.


Hands up if you now have that song stuck in your head and want to murder me in my sleep. See? Mature.


I was given the Pluto CD Pipeline under the Ocean for Christmas. It's distributed by EMI.

It tried to install crappy software on my PC in the guise of 'necessary updates.'

"Ha HA!" said I, "I am not going to fall for that cunning ruse." And I cancelled it.

Audiograbber made it playable without their 'extra' software.

Yah Boo Sucks to Pluto, and to EMI. I'm like WTF!?!? That CD is paid for!!

Word to the wise.