December 25th, 2005


Festive indeed and thought

There were:

Jellybeans! Children! Star Wars and Monty Python! Glamour Puss, Cockfighters Ghost and Te Mania (it works! The mania is proven!)! Hugs aplenty! Much food! Uphills and downdales! Japanese tourists photographing my dog! Suggestions of dyeing First green for St Patrick's Day! Happy cool circus folks o doom! Trifle! Movies! Many dogs in my lap! (they were too big).. Arrival of bookswap book from Amazon - timing! (which I haven't opened yet because I don't get pressies till Tuesday so I'll save it for tomorrow)! More hugs!

Festive good cheer, in fact.

Also, there was Spike - not the vampire but the stimulant. Which is why I'm still up..


Cos it's all about the booty!

Books from Amazon come packed in bags of air. They must have to pay for this air. Hmm, buying air? How very post-modern.

Anyway, there has been exchange of gifts and cheeriness. I now have Pluto and jellybeans and chocolate (yes, lots of people want to put some meat on my bones) and a lovely calendar full of chinese dogs (yay dogs!). These things make me happy. Also, who needs a crystal ball when you have a Magic 8 Ball? Huh? Huh? Go on, ask me anything...

There will be more gifty goodness on Tuesday when the family arrives.

Meanwhile I'm about to go and spread my good cheer about the place willy nilly. I kind of like not having traditional commitments. Means I get to see more people.

Anyway. Enjoy yourselves, folks. I'll probably see you later and if not then I will be thinking about you.