December 23rd, 2005



I just managed to sort tomorrow's client out for this afternoon, so this means I have all of tomorrow off! Sleep in (first in several weeks) here I come! Going to people's celebrations! Not being all stinky and hot whilst others sip drinks in the shade!

By the way, choosing wine by the name on the label is as good a way as any. Yup. There are some pretty funny ones out there. Would you like a glass of Cockfighter's Ghost? How about some Mr Frog? No? Then you must try the Sleeping Dogs. Indeed.

I plan to attend this evening's soiree (in suitable soiree-ing attire) however there is Teh Charlotte to be visited and tent to be dropped off so I may not make it to Katipo beforehand. allyn and rivet, I will drop it at your house on my way past, k? Just in case we miss each other in the random passings-by that is the leadup to Christmas.

Speaking of which, I'll be glad when I stop having to shield myself from all the financially strained, inspirationally challenged, offspringly frustrated and agoraphobically stressed people that teem these streets in the Last Two Shopping Days Before Christmas!!! (tm) After is so much nicer, when the deed's done, the pressure's off and people actually start to relax and stop sending off waves of angst. I am an Other People's Angst Magnet.

Mince pies make everything better. Mince pies and my favourite people is Heaven on a Stick.

And this: