December 22nd, 2005


Solstice. Shouldn't I be picking mistletoe with a golden sickle or something?*

Gosh. My friends page is looking very exotic today. People have flung themselves far and wide for the holiday. It's nice. My family is flinging itself towards me, so I'll be puttering around lil ol Wellington with old uns and young uns in tow. I'm looking forward to seeing them. However they don't arrive till the 27th so I'll be orphaned over Christmas. This bothers me not at all.

Saw the sun rise this morning. Being the longest day and all, I thought it'd be nice. And there was actually sun, which was nice. It's weird. Shearing sheep on the days before and after solstice seems bizarrely appropriate. Huh? What is this Christmas of which you speak? Some guy was born? Oh. But but, not even his birthday according to historical calculatey people. I like presents and family get-togethers though. So, thank you Jesus for being born and moving your birthday to conveniently coincide with nice weather and the solstice.

My mood has elevated slightly from yesterday. The trick, I think, is to just not care. Or just blindly pretend you don't feel like that and eventually you'll stop. And don't read blogs of people who have all the attributes you wish you had. *nods sagely*

I still feel like I want to get thoroughly plastered though.

Oh yes, and when someone's sheep are so fat that they are getting pressure sores on their chests where they sit down, and the scab comes off while you're shearing them and they bleed everywhere, it gives you the perfect excuse to lecture suggest to people that they consider buying more sheep to reduce the food intake of the ones they have. What, me? Laying it on thick? Hell yes. Appealing to their sense of responsibility. And it worked. Yay me.

* Asterix geeks may get this reference.

Oh, and one for Greg, who is All With The Ego today:

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