December 21st, 2005


Never again the Oppressed by Harry Potter Times!

"British scientists discovered that little girls like to torture their Barbie dolls by scalping, decapitating, burning, breaking, and microwaving them. "Girls," explained a researcher, "feel violence and hatred towards their Barbie." EBay was selling 85 toys a minute."

I don't recall feeling violence and hatred towards my Barbie (I only ever had one and I lost interest in doing girlie things with her as soon as her hair went yucky from being synthetic and too much combing). I do recall pulling her head off and nailing it on top of a fencepost to scare away cannibals in some game I was playing with my brother. I recall wondering what would happen if I put her in the microwave. I recall trying to tie her legs in knots because they could do amazing things that mine couldn't and I knew it didn't hurt her like it would me. I recall cutting her hair and being pissed because it wouldn't grow back.

I guess if you were so inclined, you could take these things as a sign that I'm feeling violence and hatred towards Barbie and all she represents, because, you know, of the oppression and that.* I think it's more likely that I'm feeling the natural curiosity of any kid and I'd like to ask the scientists a few questions about why they think little girls shouldn't experiment on their Barbies in these ways. Are girls supposed to be all gentle and caring and playing dressups with them? Or should we be using them to explore how the world works? Hmm, scientists?

In other news, the Tawa St roundabout has a pentagram on it, planted in red begonias! *teehee*

Another nasty dream last night, in which I had to kill my dog. Yes, First. I don't like killing dogs. *shudder*

*Apparently I'm being oppressed by Harry Potter, because Hermione is the helpmate and works really hard, yet still needs Harry's help to achieve anything whereas he's naturally talented. I'm also being oppressed by Narnia because the evil queen is a woman and Susan only shoots one arrow in the whole movie while the boys get to be heroes and Lucy is a healer (never mind that she's like, seven). Oh, the oppression!


Note to self

Do not observe other people and make comparisons with yourself.

Unless you want your self-esteem to come crashing down in a heap of despondency and futility.
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