December 20th, 2005


Really bad Madonna song

My head is already on holiday. I think this year it went to Majorca. I would have liked for it to go to Ibiza or Goa or even London at a pinch.

Yup, I'm feeling the urge for some serious trancing, of either variety would be fine. *gets out convenient trance cd*

Speaking of London, next year's Burning Man plan involves carrying on to London after. It also involves saving $10000 before next August. I have $2000 saved. Can she do it?

I figured it out. I need to shear approximately 1300 sheep between now and next August to make that much (not counting my usual savings). If I count my usual savings, I only have to shear 950. So far I've done 50. Hmm..

*thinks* Of course, $10000 is a conservative estimate. ;-)

Busking? Living on baked beans and saving twice as much? Money-making ideas please.

And, I just got word from the boss that nothing is expected to be completed before Christmas. Ie, free license to goof off. This has had the strange effect of sparking my interest in actually working. Odd.

Someone sent me this: Dan Osman speed climbing Lover's Leap (wmv). Yes, he's dead now. Got into static bungy, wanted to find the limit to how far you can freefall on a rope - found it. But he left a legacy of "OMG what a crazy bastard" videos.

FYI, 5.7 is the equivalent of a 14 in NZ grading - ie a fit beginner's climb. It's the no-rope factor that makes it freaky.
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New thingy

I see so many cool icons. Thought sticking them on here would be as good a thing as any to do with them. Here's one or two.

The queer one was ganked from rottnpagan. If you want to use it, ask her.