December 19th, 2005


How to explain weight control in sheep to someone who thinks drench is when they stand in the rain?

I'm feeling mildly disgruntled, and I don't know why. This is disgruntling me more.

Sorry I missed the clothes swap. Mind you, I have no clothes to swap anyway so probably no great loss to anyone that I wasn't there.

At what point do I draw the line with regard to people who want their sheep shorn to get the wool off so they can go away for their holidays with a clear conscience? Is it realistic to ring me on the Monday before Christmas and ask me to come out after work to shear their grossly overweight sheep? Is it ok for me to get stuck into them about how these obese sheep are in more danger health-wise from being too fat than from having too much wool and that they are being SPOs by allowing it to happen? I mean, 5-inch thick fat over their rump? I know what's inside sheep in that condition. Their kidneys and heart will be completely encased in thick, yellow fat. Never mind how hot they'll be without the wool to insulate them from the sun.

I'm almost thinking it's an animal welfare issue.

Or maybe I'm just a bit grumpy. Been using my talents a bit too much maybe.

My biceps are getting bigger. Someone commented so now it must be true.

Also, I won't have time to make a present for someone who's very dear to me. Luckily, said person will be just as rapt to get a gift a week or so after Christmas than on the day, being Not Of Christian Persuasion and all.

Mostly I'm hoping it'll rain on Friday.

[EDIT] Gah! I hate 'exersize' almost as much as I hate 'definately.'

Yes, it's confirmed, I'm grumpy.