December 17th, 2005


Lifestyler logic

Him: "You see, my daughters couldn't stand the thought of the lambs being killed and eaten, so we didn't want babies. The neighbour's ram kept getting in with our ewes and there kept being babies. So we sold all the ewes and now we only keep rams."

Me: " ... "

12 of them! Holy crap! Rams! *whimper*

For those who don't know, sheep are like people in that the males are generally vastly bigger than the females. If they aren't castrated they grow huge neck muscles, and they get fat because apart from shagging 150 times a year (all within the 6 weeks of mid-autumn), all they do is eat and sleep and occasionally have head-butt fights. Also, commercial shearers normally share the task of shearing the rams with two or more others, and a commercial farm of 1000 breeding ewes would normally have about 10 rams. *shakes head*

So, um, anyway. I hurt.

I suggested he might want to look at fixing his fences, while surreptitiously putting him on caller ID. *sneakysneaky*

I'm now booked up till after Christmas.

I'm also looking forward to tonight.