December 16th, 2005


*whistles the theme to Life of Brian*

I need a holiday.

After three weeks of absolutely nothing to do at work, I have just received a submission back for which 'some changes are required.' They want me to change 'Demonstrate knowledge of.." to "Describe.." in about 27 documents. Sure, I can do that. But, it's like debugging code. You make that one small change and it affects a whole raft of secondary things, which you have to go through with a fine-toothed comb to make sure it still works. Can we say tedious?

I'm tempted to leave it for after Christmas and read the novel I just got sent instead.


I have sheep to shear tomorrow and Sunday, and more for after Christmas. I never thought the service would be this popular, since when I started I was told that most people had already shorn their sheep. The mysterious 'most people' will probably be ringing me next year. Gosh. It's all a bit overwhelming.

On the upside:

a) I'm a-gonna be buffer than Jez!
b) I'm a-gonna see Sophie tonight!
c) Only a week to go before Tommy arrives!



I have just been informed that SOMEONE* is having a birthday and is being very SHADY about it. There have been no Taran-Taras whatsoever.

Therefore this is an official one.


So please go help this person in his mission to destroy his liver, before it's too late and he beats you to it. Failing that, point and laugh because he is GETTING OLD!!

*Someone who should know better than to try and get old secretly. Yes.

And, have a cute dog. Just for your birthday. Well, you can't really have her but you can have an AWWWW over her and that's your present.