December 15th, 2005


The Lion, The Witch and the Mythological Jesus Story

A lot has been said about the Christian allegory in the Narnia series of books (and now, at a motion picture theatre near you, the Movie!!). Even the author admits to a complete lack of subtlety in this. You know, the redemption through sacrifice thing, the death-and-resurrection thing, temptation and forgiveness of the betrayer by Teh Eeevil One, etc etc, blah blah.

But when I read the books as a kid, I completely failed to see this. Instead I was transported to a fantasy land where good and evil (yay for bipolar disorder in literature) were waging a constant battle, and there were talking animals and centaurs and fauns and cool stuff like that. Even after having the parallels with the bible story pointed out to me, I still couldn't let it ruin my escapism.

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Ahem. Anyway, to all those who say it's ramming religion down your throat, I say bollocks. Any story can be an allegory for a bible story. I'm pretty sure that's the point of the bible - they chucked stuff in it to cover as many eventualities as possible that one might come across in life. If you want Narnia to be about religion, it is. Otherwise it's just a fun story that still gives me escapism 30 years after the first reading. And it has hot fauns and centaurs and gryphons.

Speaking of which, what does it say about my brother and myself that the movie was interspersed with comments such as "Why hasn't that gryphon got someone on it?", "OMG Dire Maul!", and "Sunder Amour! Sunder Armour!" "Gosh, he's not holding aggro very well, is he?"

It was Dad's birthday yesterday. He would've been 83. He would've enjoyed the movie too.