December 14th, 2005


Your race is in your blood, your nationality is in your passport, your culture is in your mind

I read something this morning that I found personally offensive. It's a denigration of the English, written by a Scotsman who's lived in England most of his life. A lot of what he says about the English is probably true - after all, it wouldn't be offensive if it was complete bollocks, would it? So here's this guy, saying some downright insulting things about the English, in terms of 'they' and 'them.' He, of course, is not English. He's Scottish. Which makes it ok for him to make his observations, because he's safe from them in his Scotsness.

Why did I find it offensive? Why the hell should I care? Because I was English born, my parents are the people he's talking about. My family. The background that caused me to appreciate a good pun, to be stoic and fair and to enjoy the game for the sake of it whether I win or lose. And here's the really ironic thing. I'm in exactly the same position as this guy, only swap Scotland for England and England for New Zealand. I could write a 'witty' and extremely offensive article about New Zealand culture from the viewpoint of an insider-outsider too. Only the kiwis would say "Go to hell, you've lived here all your life, those things apply to you too, stop trying to be special." Because that's how kiwis are. And I accept that. It's true. So, Mr Gill, if you're really so down on the English, stop taking advantage of their hospitality and go live in Edinburgh, where everybody is so wonderful and not ugly, because there's no humour at the expense of others and no residual anger from centuries of having the goalposts shifted. News flash, dude. If you can tell me a joke that doesn't have someone or something at the butt of it, or put someone down in some way, I'll buy you a beer next time I see you. Fart jokes don't count, being universally funny to all cultures.


Anybody want any wool, keen to have a go at spinning or weaving? I have white wool about 4 inches staple length, either 32-35 micron or 30-32 micron. There's two black fleeces, one crossbred and one Polwarth. So yeah, if you want some, sing out.

Oh yeah. I'm going to this. Anyone who's keen to come too, please let me know today, as I'm buying my ticket this afternoon.

Bring on the Dancing Horses

Feb 9th, 8pm, Block D, front row centre. There will be three squee-ing horsey-loving girls and one long-suffering guy with earplugs.




Horseyhorseyhorseyhorsey.. *fidgets*

Oh. I just realised that a couple of weeks ago I asked if life could get any better. Then I realised that I'm going to see the horsies, then a week later I'm going to see U2. My dog has got work again, I get to muck about with sheep again (and get paid for it) and Tommy arrives in 2 weeks.

So yeah, life could get better. It just did. ;-)