December 13th, 2005


Stomach, why have you betrayed me so?

Last night my stomach rejected chocolate. I mean, seriously rejected. Normally I can eat anything and I'm fine.. so when my body won't accept chocolate, there is something wrong. But I feel fine today.

Odd phone call du jour - 7.55am Ring ring...
"Hello, I have a lame lamb, what should I do?"
"Er, have you looked at it?"
"Um, no, it's 100m away and I didn't want to make him walk."
*patience patience*
"OK, it could be a stick between his toes. If you get him in quietly he'll be ok. Have a look and if you can't see what's wrong, I'll come out after work. But I'm not a vet, ok?"
"OK thank you, thank you!"


Short note: If you are even slightly squeamish or have trouble dealing with injured or sick animals, don't get livestock.

To this woman's credit, she at least wants to do what's right for her wee sheep. And maybe she wants to learn. And she's prepared to give me a tenner to look at it. *grin*

Going to see Narnia tomorrow! Centaurs! *beam*

My little black and white employee

It never occurred to me that First is a novelty. Especially not a novelty that can make me money.

I went to see the lame lamb people. She'd got them in, but the yard was very makeshift and so one look at us advancing and off went the sheep, in four different directions. The one we wanted did a runner through the front lawn, took off down the drive, then cannonballed through the fence and back in with his mum, going exceptionally fast for a lamer.

At this point I got First out of the car and off we went. These sheep are not accustomed to dogs (you could tell by the way they didn't immediately come flocking around my legs) and First hasn't worked the sheep for an embarrassingly long amount of time, so I wasn't expecting miracles, and I didn't get them either. It was ugly to watch, but we managed to shed the lamb and First held him on the fence while I caught him. Job well done, etc etc.

Now here's the interesting bit. The people, as soon as they saw First working the sheep, went into raptures over her. It didn't matter to them that she was rusty as hell and only listening to half my commands, that she cross-headed or that when I let the lamb go she wanted to keep working him and had to be called twice to come back in. Nope. As far as they are concerned, First is the Best Dog Ever, because she got the sheep (that I found out later, they had spent an hour chasing around vainly trying to get in on foot). She's a real live hero! *grin* Just because she can run faster than the sheep can and "looks just like the dog from Footrot Flats!"

Hehe. They ended up getting me to shift their other sheep too, just so they could see her working some more. Then they gave me $20, for basically walking around a paddock watching First chase sheep. And they want to tell all their friends about me.

Yay First! She rocks!

PS The lamb will be fine. He has a bruised shoulder from running into something. But, First! My wee dog! *skips*