December 10th, 2005


Just like shearing a sheep

It's done. I've cleared the hurdle where I find out if I remember how to do it. And I do. Yay! In fact it was as if it hadn't been a handful of years since I did it last. Body-learning is great. And, it's very nice, with all the things I've been learning lately, to do something that I can get right first time.

Having said that, I'm tired and sore and not smiling (my face aches too much). I have a couple of those railway track bruises and I've learnt that lifestyle sheep are twice the sheep that station sheep are - literally. Call Jenny Craig, it's an emergency! 80kg, one of them. *faints* These sheep had muffin-tops without the pants.

I also have a fadge full of wool and more to come tomorrow, two cheques and more to come tomorrow and a sense of achievement that's bigger than Texas.

Hard work is good for my soul. So is spending the late afternoon paddling in the South Pacific and feeling the little stones wash over your feet.

There will be no partying for me tonight. Sleep calls, and bed n book. *happy*

PS Dear Weather,
I'm pleased to see you've sorted your technical difficulties and everything's back on track. You have assured yourself my continued custom and free advertising by word of mouth. Thank you.
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