December 1st, 2005


Sheep sheep sheep sheep damnit fucking whoreson sheep!

I have of late been on the receiving end of gentle ribbing regarding my obsession (and thus writings) upon things of an ovine nature. I am fully aware that this fascination is somewhat unusual and that it may lead to more than one person casting aspersions on my mental capacities.

However, it would appear that circumstances are perpetuating themselves in such a way as to ensure that every day there is something of note regarding these most noble animals that I feel I must share.

In the last three days I have received three phone calls, all from people who require my services in the harvest of their fibre. One also needs several winnet removals and one needs some insect larva growth preventative. In fact, one of these esteemed sons of the soil is not only going to pay for my services, but requires me to also take the aforementioned fibre for myself. I admit that I wonder why one would have cloven-hoofed fibre-producing ungulates on one's property if one has no use for the fibre. However I understand that the ruminants' grazing habits are complementary to improving pasture for advantageous digestion by other ungulates of an equine nature.

So yes, I have not even advertised yet and word is spreading regardless. My run now constitutes three properties and 22 'clients' of varying ages and genders. I fear the entire male ones which can weigh up to twice as much as me.
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