November 28th, 2005


Culture of fear.. or stupidity.. or.. something.

There's a document circulating around work that outlines the risk management strategy our organisation will implement in the event of bird flu becoming an issue in NZ. One of the measures includes encouraging 'high level hygiene' amongst staff members. It doesn't say what this means, though. I'm wondering what form of 'low level hygiene' we practise now. I consider myslef to be fairly clean, thanks very much. Also, we'll get 14 extra days sick leave and they'll turn the air conditioning off.

Interesting to think about, but in reality if this virus is as bad as the media is making it out to be, wouldn't we all just be better off staying home?

Last night I watched the two-hour pilot for The A-Team. Remember them? I enjoyed the first hour where they introduced the characters, but then it devolved into what it was to become - wall-to-wall action with not much plot - and I remembered why I didn't enjoy it as a kid. One thing I did enjoy was the music. The story was set in mexico, and there were two basic 'themes' to the music. When the action was going the A-Team's way, there was the A-Team theme tune pumping - DAH duh DAH, DAH duh duh dah, DAH-dah duh DAH, DAH duh diddle DAH!. When the action turned and went the Mexicans' way (this happened several times during the course of the one-hour battle to save the villagers from teh Eeeeevil marijuana baron (complete with cheesy mexican moustache and greasy hair), the music was mexican cantina music - with drums!

It was actually possible to tell what was happening on-screen with one's eyes shut, just based on the music. That was more entertaining than the plot. Also entertaining were the retro-hairdos and the tight pants. Didn't anyone tell the producer that it's impossible to be a Real Action Hero in pants that you can't touch your toes in?

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Hehe. I just had a ring from the shearing plant guy. He wants to drop it into my house for me this evening. Timing! And I won the auction for the combs and cutters, saving myself $130 on retail. Thanks rodgerd for the headsup. So my list is complete..