November 25th, 2005


There are more important things (and people) than work

There have been internet issues all week. 70% packet loss for one friend on Monday, 30% for us on Tuesday, internet down at work on Wednesday and again this morning. As a consequence there has been work done and my handpiece has been serviced - almost.

( I may need to borrow a vice to get the ferrule off the back end. This is important because the new shearing plant comes with it's own specialised one. And it's a pin drive which is very flukey since it costs a stupid amount of money to change your pin drive for a worm drive.)

You can tell I'm excited about going to Wrightsons this afternoon, can't you? I can feel the waves of pity from here.

Yesterday I messed with people's heads to make a point. This is not my usual style and I'm not sure why I did it but I don't feel good about it. I did get my point across though, which I guess is something.

And there was Katipo. Ossian remembers me. It always blows me away when people I barely know remember my name. There were also lovely people with names starting with J. I was the odd one out. Does this make us the JWs?

You know, I probably shouldn't have said to that guy on Monday about how we need lots and lots of rain. One day I'll learn to be more careful with my wishes. ;-)

Also, I'm feeling restless and dissatisfied and ever so slightly cranky. I know exactly why this is and it's perfectly natural and it's not PMT. On the contrary. *sigh* Ah well..

List from the other day, or - Don't try to buy farm gear in town shops

4 combs
10 cutters
A handpiece screwdriver/doofer tool (don't know where that went)
Scrubbing brush
Comb pouch would not be a silly idea.
Oil bottle

Also on the list are:

Drench gun
Vaccination gun
Blade shears
Secateurs for hoof trimming

Apparently there aren't any shearers in the Wellington region (?), so they only stock a very limited range of stuff - read: very expensive stuff. Since when were cutters $90 a box? The upshot of this is that I'm off to Masterton tomorrow to go to a real shop.

I have also been lurking on Trademe. I want that grinder so bad!

Portable yards still elude me, but I have a handy lead gleaned from the Wrightson's chap. So they were useful for something..

EDIT: Just talked to the guy who used to do the job. Ended up with 7 phone numbers and the use of a grinder for free.. *skips*