November 24th, 2005


RAFTPM (keep your NaNoWriMo)

Last night I met a girl on the beach where I walk my dog. Our dogs introduced themselves, which at the moment involves the other dog going "Er, hi" and First going "Fuck off!" .. Yes, First has PMT, and how. She is cran..kee! But anyway, we walked a bit and had a conversation for a while and the whole time I'm thinking "I know you from somewhere." So I asked her name. Turns out she'd come in for an interview for the youth course I used to tutor, about a year ago. I remember her because she has an American accent and is very intense and gave me a half hour lecture about how I should let Jesus into my life. *grin* I remember advising her that it might be a good idea to only talk about religion when asked, in the classroom she'd be going into.

This is the second time someone random has popped up from my past this week. It happened at Saturday night's party too. And I know someone else this has been happening to lately too. So I'm hereby dubbing this month "Random Acquaintance From The Past Month." If you haven't had one pop up lately, go find one - be the random acquaintance. It's kind of fun.

Also, does anyone want to go see The Exorcism of Emily Rose with me? You know, just a bit of light entertainment... *grin*

And a semi-serious question. Does admitting to enjoying perving at people constitute sexual harrassment?