November 22nd, 2005


Doing it myself since 1970

I dreamed of living on a boat. Not a little boat mind you, a big 'un. The main part of the bridge was now the master bedroom, with a curved wall of windows. It was quite nice, until my friend burst my bubble by telling me everyone would be able to look in and see me shagging. "Ha!" I said. "Shows how much you know about my private life!" *grin*

But really, I'd love to live on a large boat. Only, I don't think I'd like to live on one in the water. On land would be better. Which leads me to think about the possibility of using a boat as a house, partially buried so it stayed upright, so I can have my half-round bedroom.

The other thing I think would be cool is mud bricks. I'd really like to make my own house out of mudbricks. For those who are In The Know, I'm curious as to the thermal mass properties of mud bricks as compared to concrete, and where I could start researching how much of my own house I'd be allowed to build out of mud bricks. And I want grass on the roof, too, so I can plant flowers. Yes.

Doop de doo, I am now investigating portable yards. I don't expect any to fall out of the sky, but if you know someone who has some that they aren't using, I'd be keen to hear about it. You never know what people have in their sheds...