November 20th, 2005


Wendy is aware of her eccentricities

There were more but I won't bore you with them. Apparently I'm awesome and sexy too so nyah.

Serendipity yesterday. Spent the week looking at and discussing portable shearing plants, to discover that second hand ones are like hen's teeth, and resign myself to having to buy one new at great expense. Neighbour moves into the house next door. They have a motorbike. I go there to warn them about people nicking bikes from the roadside. Turns out the parents live in Ohariu valley and have a petrol driven portable shearing plant sitting in their shed doing nothing. Score! *thanks the universe again*

The parties were ok but I wasn't feeling very sociable. I avoided talking to people at the first party, ate sushi and left early. I pole danced and did poi at the second but couldn't really get into it. It was great to see Mark again, haven't seen him since BM. I got hit with fireworks. Skin heals, clothes don't. Luckily the damage to my top is on the inside. Fun night though.

Slept till 2. Now for Burger Fuel. Need meat.

Yay for nice weather. Mark needs some trance music. I should send him some. Don't buy glowsticks from Cosmic Corner either - 8/10 didn't work.